Our Mission and Vision

  • The mission of TREPA is empowerment of Reddy community.
  • To join together in giving a helping hand to the needy in education , employment, health, skill development & entrepreneurship.
  • To establish Community Service Centers,one for every 25000 Reddy families.
  • To inculcate sense of belongingness and unity within the community and to work for the betterment of all people in the community.
  • To inculcate habit of giving to address the needs of the less privileged in the community.
  • To facilitate proper utilization of our resources both financial and non financial and benefit the target people in a transparent manner.
  • To take up any other issues relating to the development of community.

‘one for all ------ all for one’

 The vision of TREPA is to nurture and develop a system wherein the experience, knowledge and skills of various persons from the community can be utilised for the
betterment of the community and to use these human resources in building institutions for the common good. The combined resources of the community will be used
to establish

  1. Educational Institutions.
  2. Community Service Centers.
  3. Blood Donation and Health camps.
  4. Help desk.

 Programs to be grounded by TREPA in the near future

  1. Collect exhaustive data of Reddy community and understand the issues.
  2. Coordinate with junior colleges and improve the skills of our children who appear for engineering and medical entrance examinations.
  3. Start a center for skill development for the youth.
  4. Start spoken english classes for the students and youth of the community who live in semi urban and rural areas.
  5. Appoint PRO’s in major government hospitals like NIMS, GANDHI and OSMANIA to help patients.
  6. Establish a cooperative credit society exclusively for marginal farmers to support them financially.
  7. Start 24/7 helpline in our head office to attend to medical emergencies.

Help in raising funds for the construction of service centers.